Height & Load Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension Cylinders

We have been manufacturing and working with trailers and hydraulics for over 35 years. Using our experience we found that the towing height of vehicles differs considerably, especially as more are using 4x4's for towing. This brought us to develop an adjustable height hydraulic suspension unit that can be fitted to a variety of trailers, allowing it to be towed level behind the vehicle, making it safer.

  • Ease of loading / unloading - suspension unit can allow the trailer chassis to be lowered to ground level

  • Safety - adjusts trailer height the same as the towing vehicle (even when loaded)

  • Hydraulic suspension - hydraulic adjustment allows more suspension movement (providing a smoother and safer ride)

  • Multiple uses - low-loading trailers, boat trailers, car transporting trailers, bike trailers, horse boxes, catering trailers - the applications are endless...


Height Adjustable Trailer Suspension  Units

Hydrapowered have designed and manufactured an adjustable hydraulic suspension unit, the suspension is built into a standard hydraulic cylinder.

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When oil is pumped in from either end, the suspension within the cylinder moves to set the required position.  As a load is applied to the ends of the cylinder the suspension part compresses as the load changes so does the amount of compression therefore giving suspension.

A clip of the unit in action, the IBC contains 500 litres of water

Why use these units?

We can manufacture and supply various size height adjustable trailer suspension cylinder units or axle units with or without stub axles. Alternately units can be built into chassis. Cylinder units start from £165.00 each. To discuss  your requirements please contact us.