Height & Load Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension Cylinders

Two Hydrapowered hydraulic suspension cylinders work together to hold the trailer chassis parallel to the axle. This enables better stability on side slopes and when cornering with loads.

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Hydrapowered have designed and manufactured an adjustable hydraulic suspension cylinder. We have built a compression section that can be fitted into most standard hydraulic cylinders.

Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension Cylinders

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Height Adjustable Hydraulic Trailer Suspension

Having seen many trailers being towed at the incorrect height for the tow vehicle and knowing how unsafe this can be, is why Hydrapowered developed the Height Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension Unit.

 Trailer Stability Systems

"The arrangment is designed to add a dollop of sophistication to old school leaf spring set-ups that can often be a contributing factor in grain or grass trailers toppling over."

(Oliver Mark, The Farmers Weekly)